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Officers of the special investigation unit of the Foreign Employment Bureau recently, uncovered a prostitution ring operating out of Sri Lanka to the Maldives which revealed that around 100 Sri Lankan women have been sent overseas as sex workers.

While the news sent shock waves among people, it being perhaps the first of its kind, in a sting operation worthy of a Hollywood film script, the investigating officers nabbed two key suspects involved in the racket, thus unravelling the otherwise well planned operation by the miscreants.

The couple enjoyed passionate romps whilst she was on holiday, but after selling her house in Scotland to be with her lover several months later and, again, in 2015, he quickly went off her.

She told Mail Online she handed over £100,000 to her boyfriend after she quit her job at the council and made the move.

She said sadly: “Once I came out here he wanted money all the time.” Her brother, Stewart, who is a former Royal Marine and lives in Scotland, told the newspaper he fears for her safety.

Further developments included the establishment of both the National Plan of Action for Women and Women's Charter in 1996.While Sri Lanka is ranked well on several gender equality indices in comparison to other countries in the region, there are also some sources that question the verity of these indices.Overall, this pattern of social history that disempowers females produces a cycle of undervaluing females, providing only secondary access to health care and schooling and thus less opportunities to take on high level jobs or training, which then exacerbates the issue of low political participation and lowered social rights, a cycle studied and noted on by Dr.Massage parlour She says she was expected to work in a salon in the Maldives.¨They asked me to pretend I was the spouse of the Sri Lankan man who will accompany me, so as not to arouse any suspicion,¨ she says, adding that however, she had no suspicions regarding the real nature of her employment.

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Elaine Enarson, a disaster sociologist studying the connection between disaster and role of women.

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