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I know for many reading this, there’s the argument that a woman doesn’t “become” a lesbian, but is instead born as a lesbian. Some lesbians, like me, always knew WHAT we are, but growing up there wasn’t a specific term for it.While the topic is quite debatable, there’s always an underlying current and question that constantly pops up in my world: how do I know if I am a lesbian? I knew that I enjoyed other girls, but there were always those unspoken words that what I was doing was wrong.All affiliated websites can be blocked with free filtering tools such as the Parental Control Bar available at and by using Microsoft's Content Advisor.Copyright, all rights reserved.2016. = new Date(); Time((new Date()).value Of() - 1000*60*60*24*90); self.new_streams = (Full Year() * 10000 (Month() 1) * 100 Date()); self.bwidth = window.inner Width; = { 'won_list' : { id : 'won_list', perpage : 60, rowcount: 9, curpage : 1, sortby : 'F', filter : function (element, index, array) { return ( element['s'] == 'Cams Exclusive'

Our webcam girls want to be absolutely sure that they are chatting with users over the age of 18.

They may come under fire for signs of ageing around the knees, but they do have generally flawless legs.

The modern, image-obsessed culture means that women work hard to maintain a youthful appearance, spending hours in the gym and even undergoing plastic surgery. It's not always about age - short skirts never did anything for the heavy-hipped and overweight.

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As a certified life coach, I have come across individuals with a wide array of life stories and circumstances.

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