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Who is brooke mueller dating

Brooke Mueller seemed like a good change for Charlie Sheen, who was reeling from a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife, Denise Richards.Not much was known about Mueller when they first started dating, except that she had gone from working as a real estate agent to walking the red carpet on the arm of the then-highest paid actor on television.Insiders report that Julia and Charlie’s parents had helped him overcome his dependence on alcohol, and now the Tire has a small chance to rebuild their lives. She knows that she has a risk of HIV, but it relates to this easily.According to sources, the initiative in the relationship stumbler showed first. Julia went with Charlie to his doctor and asked how to avoid the disease.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that a woman claiming to be Mueller's mom asked Utah state troopers to determine if she was mentally unstable.They tied the knot nearly a year later in front of 60 friends and family at a private estate in Beverly Hills in May 2008.By September 2008 she was pregnant with twins, Bob and Max, who were later born on March 15, 2009. “We wake up laughing and go to bed smiling and we’re just blessed to have found each [other.] We fell in love very fast,” said Charlie Sheen in an interview with Access Hollywood. Moreover, she sort of owes the romance to Sheen and her inability to cut herself loose from the unstable actor.According to TMZ sources, Muller met Lowenstein at a party last year, one she attended because she and Sheen were talking reconciliation.

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She had also been trying to make it as an actress, but was unsuccessful.